Cygwin Setup die?

Dave Korn
Tue Sep 26 17:59:00 GMT 2006

On 22 September 2006 01:59, Artie Ziff wrote:

> Hello,
> Is common for installation process to die? 

  Not common, but it does happen sometimes.  More often what happens is that
one of the scripts takes an ever-so-long time to run and it /seems/ to have

> On Win XP Pro ver. 2002
> SP2, I run setup.exe. Eventually it hangs... this time Cygwin Setup
> dialog showing Progress 19% of xorg-x11-bin-dlls-,
> where it appears to hang.

  19% of which stage?  Downloading?  Installing?

> Is there simple way to recover and pickup where left off? My
> experience from two previous attempts: must reselect everything I
> want. Does Set Up gui maintain current state of installation currently
> on disk? Is there a way to inform the GUI so I need not go through
> pain of reselecting items I want?

  Depends.  If you've managed to download the packages to your local package
directory, you can just re-run it, choose "install from local directory",
click "keep" in the package chooser, then click all the way through without
altering any settings and it should just finish off any missing bits from the
last time.

  However, that's the most I can tell you in general terms; we need more
information to try and figure out what's actually happening in your machine.

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