DLL error messages suppressed under zsh/RXVT

Williams, Gerald S (Jerry) gsw@agere.com
Tue Sep 26 18:47:00 GMT 2006

Shankar Unni wrote:
> Before sending your cygcheck.out, try checking the archives.
> This problem was talked about a couple of months ago.

Thanks for the reference. The problem I reported (check the OP)
may be related but isn't exactly the same. AFAICT, suppression
of those DLL error messages should be universal. I got error
messages (due to DLL rebase issues) in one case, but not in the
other. Worse, the program simply hung rather than returning an
error code (which the makefile would have caught, at least).

My WAG is that the fact that RXVT isn't a Windows console was
the cause of the differing error message suppression that I
saw, but as Peter Castro pointed out, perhaps "all bets are
off" when there are rebase issues.

I am still confused about Peter's ability to get a dialog box.
Is this a version difference? Is there a new CYGWIN option? I'm
getting error code 53 (ENOANO ?!?) if a DLL is missing.

BTW, I didn't see any response to Dave Korn's August 30 comment
on the "missing DLL" issue. Did I miss it? Are we looking for a
P to TC?

Dave Korn wrote:
> Of course, but there's still an issue here why this case
> doesn't get a proper ENOENT status in $? and an error
> message on stderr.


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