New windows from cygwin in ssh

Igor Peshansky
Wed Sep 27 12:58:00 GMT 2006

Ugh, top-posting...  Reformatted.

On Wed, 27 Sep 2006, Pavel Ivanoff wrote:

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> > You weren't clear on exactly what you want to happen.  If you wish to
> > see the window pop up on the remote machine's desktop, you need to add
> > the "Allow service to interact with desktop" checkmark in the sshd
> > service description (or, alternatively, install it with the '-i'
> > cygrunsrv flag).
> >
> > If you want the window to be forwarded over to the local machine
> > (i.e., the one you're ssh'ing from), that is not currently possible
> > with Windows.  One thing you can try is use a tool like VNC (which you
> > can forward over ssh, too).
> As I understand "Allow service to interact with desktop" is exactly what
> I want. But this checkbox is active only when service los on as SYSTEM
> but my sshd logs on as me. And installing the service with '-i' option
> said to me the same: "cygrunsrv: --interactive not allowed with --user".
> Is there any solution to this problem? Or I must run service as SYSTEM
> to have this functions usable?

I'm afraid so.  It's unclear why Windows imposes this restriction, but if
your sshd is running as a non-SYSTEM user, it can't interact with the
desktop.  I was going to suggest using "cygstart", but even that
apparently doesn't work as-is.  It probably can be patched up to obtain
the current window station and ask the shell to execute the program there,
but <>.
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