make 3.81-1 problems with DOS-paths

Knut Schwichtenberg
Wed Sep 27 17:31:00 GMT 2006


I've udated on 14.Sep.06 my Cygwin make to 3.81-1. The C-project I was compiling 
  generated dependency files including system files. For system files the full 
path in DOS notation is entered into the dependency file. Make stops the 
execution of the makefile with the "very" expressive message: "multiple target 
patterns.  Stop." Digging around with gdb and the source code I found out a 
missing define at compile time of make. The define "HAS_DOS_PATHS" was not set 
in the makefie for make. Version 3.80 of make ran without problems and setting 
this switch makes 3.81 run without a problem.

How is it possible that ./configure does not recognize the Cygwin environment 
properly for a Windows-PC? Is the missing define only a derived problem that is 
based on an error in the toolchain before?

While finding the problem and the solution - and of course better gcc switches 
to avoid absolute pathes for system include - I have no problem at the moment, 
but that took me quiet a while.



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