make 3.81-1 problems with DOS-paths

Wed Sep 27 18:00:00 GMT 2006

Knut Schwichtenberg wrote:
> I've udated on 14.Sep.06 my Cygwin make to 3.81-1. The C-project I was 
> compiling  generated dependency files including system files. For system 
> files the full path in DOS notation is entered into the dependency file. 
> Make stops the execution of the makefile with the "very" expressive 
> message: "multiple target patterns.  Stop." Digging around with gdb and 
> the source code I found out a missing define at compile time of make. 
> The define "HAS_DOS_PATHS" was not set in the makefie for make. Version 
> 3.80 of make ran without problems and setting this switch makes 3.81 run 
> without a problem.
> How is it possible that ./configure does not recognize the Cygwin 
> environment properly for a Windows-PC? Is the missing define only a 
> derived problem that is based on an error in the toolchain before?

If you'd STFLA'd (LA = List Archives), you'd know that this was the 
subject of Cygwin's most recent Holy War. IIRC "HAS_DOS_PATHS" is a 
broken solution, which is why it was not (and as I understand, never 
was) defined for Cygwin. Instead there was a kludgy patch in place that 
CGF decided to stop maintaining (which generated a lot of irate users... 
and a new upstream patch, which I thought was in the latest available 

So if someone that knows what the status of said package would kindly 
step in now? (Or you can STFLA...)

In short: make 3.81 intentionally removed support for DOS paths; use 
make 3.80 or the newer version (make-3.81-2?).

The hippo made me do it! What? What do you mean you can't see the hippo?

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