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Larry Hall (Cygwin)
Wed Sep 27 19:51:00 GMT 2006

Eric Mader wrote:
> Eric Mader wrote:
>> Eric Mader wrote:
>>> I was able to get setup.exe unstuck by cd'ing to /etc/preremove, 
>>> running and then deleting it. I had to do this with 
>>> about three other scripts in this directory before setup.exe would 
>>> move on to the next phase. It's now happily installing all the 
>>> selected packages.
>>> I'm not sure what was going on with the offending scripts...
>>> Regards,
>>> Eric
>> It seems I spoke too soon, now it setup.exe hangs on the 
>> /etc/postinstall/ script. The installation seems incomplete. 
>> For example, the "ls" command doesn't work.
>> So it seems that whatever was going on with the preinstall scripts is 
>> also happening w/ th postinstall scripts, but now I don't have a 
>> functioning environment in which to run them by hand :-(
> I found a bunch of stalled processes running "ash", "bash" and "sh". I 
> killed them all and rebooted for good measure. :-) When I ran setup.exe 
> again, it gets as far as running /etc/postinstall/ and then 
> stalls. The environment seems to be more-or-less working. I've enclosed 
> the output of cygcheck -c , cygcheck -s and /var/log/setup.log.full.
> Am I good to go at this point, or is there still something that's a 
> little off?

'hicolor-icon-theme' reports itself as incomplete but otherwise the
packages themselves are there.  Postinstall scripts have a purpose
so to the extent that you haven't run them, you may see some issues
with your environment.  I'd recommend trying two things that might

   1. Remove '/', '/usr/lib', and '/usr/bin' as binary and rerun
      'setup.exe'.  See 'man mount' and the '-f' and '-b' flags
      for more details.

   2. With or without the above, go to the '/etc/postinstall' directory
      and run any scripts there that don't have the 'done' suffix.
      Once they have all run successfully, move them to the script
      name plus the 'done' suffix.

Hopefully one of these two procedures will get all your postinstall
scripts to run.  If that's true, you're good to go.

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