Bash 3.1.17(8) CR/LF problem

Larry Hall (Cygwin)
Wed Sep 27 21:54:00 GMT 2006

On 09/27/2006, Malcolm Nixon wrote:
> > So why isn't using a textmode mount a solution?
> Packages generally contain the sources, build scripts, tools binaries, etc
> in a single directory tree. For example a ./configure script located in the
> package root directory along side other project files. As such placing just
> the bash scripts in a textmode mount would be virtually impossible.

You lost me here.  *Exactly* what is the problem with placing your source
tree in a text mount?  Unless you're telling me that Perforce somehow is
able to turn your binaries into text files, I just don't see any issue.

> >>     * Some detect the change to <LF> as changes require manual merging.
> > What, on lines that you /haven't/ edited locally?  That's just a bug.
> Perforce translates to CR/LF when it gets the file on a Windows system. Any
> modification at all (read-only / line-ends) is a local edit.
> >>     * Some translate files to a "Local" format (CR/LF on Windows).
> > FCOL, what on earth does an rcs think it's playing at, tampering with your
> > data?  Any rcs that doesn't give you back exactly what you put into it is 
> just
> > plain buggy.  Nobody asked for a "automatically mangle my data whether I 
> want
> > you to or not" feature.
> This is a Perforce 'feature' if you wish to call it that. Perforce
> will translate
> files you have specified as 'Text' to whatever 'Text' means on the local 
> system
> - LF on Unixes and CR/LF on Windows. One potential workaround would be to
> declare the script files as binary files so they aren't touched, but
> then you loose
> the ability to diff. 

So why don't you just tell Perforce not to do this translation and pull to
a text mount?  As long as Perforce is at least reasonably bright, it should
create binary files as binary and text files without any designation, which
the Cygwin mount will then create as \r\n.

If that doesn't work for some weird reason, why not use the version of
their tools that are built for Cygwin -
<>?  I'll set
aside the issue that these tools still seem to be violating the GPL....

I can't believe that the Perforce folks haven't taken your case into account.
You should really check with them if you can't figure out a way to make this
work.  I expect they could help you, especially since they seem to be well
aware of Cygwin.

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