Bash 3.1.17(8) CR/LF problem

Malcolm Nixon
Wed Sep 27 22:09:00 GMT 2006

mwoehlke wrote:
> Right; non-standard behavior (and any non-binary treatment
> of '\r' certainly counts!) should - and I might dare even to say
> "must" - be disabled by default. Although in this case I can't
> think of any reason why you would ever have a '\r' in a shell
> script (other than as part of a line ending). Although if we
> make any of this optional, then IMO it needs to be done the
> right way, which is to just ignore '\r', at least at the end of
> lines. That way we can ALWAYS read in binary mode, and
> it isn't a major performance penalty.

I guess I'm 50/50 here. On one hand <CR> is most certainly
not a standard line terminator character on Unix systems, but
at the same time Cygwin advertises a "collection of tools which
provide Linux look and feel" for Windows.

If pure Linux compatibility/restrictions was the only goal, then
it could be achieved far easier by running Debian in a VM.

Instead Cygwin tries to add the power of the Linux-like tools
into the cruftiness of Windows. Unfortunately I believe that implies
supporting Windows/DOS crufty CR/LF files.

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