Problems with archiver "ar"

Frank Illenseer
Thu Sep 28 11:34:00 GMT 2006

[Sending this to the mailing list also, as my reply only got to eric 

Hi Eric,

first of all thanks for your reply.

>Sounds like ar needs to be taught about open(O_BINARY)/fopen("rb") (or be
>linked with binmode.o).

Do I have to post this advice in any other list to get it to note to the 
correct persons?

>See the other thread on this today.  First, why can't you teach your
>revision control system that on a cygwin binary mount, the underlying
>system uses \n line endings, not \r\n?

There are several other things which prevent this. The version control 
itself could be told to do so.

>Second, you can add this to the
>beginning of your script to make bash ignore \r when the file has \r\n
>endings even on a cygwin binary mount:
>IFS=' ''	''
>' # Yes, that is space, tab, and either a 1 or 2-character EOL as needed

I tried this IFS setting right below the SHA-BANG line, but nothing changed.
(I used emacs editor to be sure to write the correct characters.)

>We ask that you ATTACH this, not include it inline, to avoid spurious hits
>in the mail archive search engine.

I actually DID attache the particular file.

>I thought you said you had to use textmode?
Sorry - I exported the configuration while I temporarily switched back to 
for testing when "ar" fails.

> > Not Found: sh
>Not good.  Are you sure evereything is installed correctly?

Yes I am. See:

$ which sh

$ ll /usr/bin/sh
lrwxrwxrwx 1 illenseer Kein 8 Jul 20  2005 /usr/bin/sh -> bash.exe

Any other ideas or comments on my actions? - Did I do anything wrong?

Can I mount a particular subdirectory (and all subdirs below this) in 
textmode while the rest of the
partition will be mounted in binmode? (If yes, how?)


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