1.5.21-1 - Crash on anything using cygwin1.dll

Eric Blake ebb9@byu.net
Thu Sep 28 11:57:00 GMT 2006

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>> All others?  That sounds fishy right there; you should never have had more
>> than one in the first place if you wanted sane operational behavior.
>> Complete output from cygcheck would really be useful (just click past any
>> failure boxes that come up from trying to invoke id or other cygwin
>> subprocesses).
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>> Eric Blake             ebb9@byu.net
> oops I lied dwwin killed it prematurely, here's the rest of the output:

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> Not Found: sh

Did you kill the ash or bash postinstall script?  They copy /bin/bash.exe
to /bin/sh.exe, and if that does not happen, cygwin will be pretty
unusable.  It would be nice to figure out why that didn't happen.

Other than that, nothing jumped out at me as an obvious source of your
problems, but it could be that there is still some other service using an
older version of the .dll still loaded in memory.  Have you rebooted since
you deleted other copies of cygwin1.dll?

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