ncftp Maintainer?

Brian Dessent
Thu Sep 28 22:22:00 GMT 2006

Stephen Grant Brown wrote:

> Dear Sir/Madam,
> Who is the ncftp maintainer?

You'd have to search the cygwin-apps archive to find out.

> When I run
> ./ all
> I get the following error
> configure: error: Your config.cache file is invalid.  It was created on
> cygwin_n
> t-5.0, but this machine is running cygwin_nt-5.1.  Remove the config.cache
> file
> if you wish to continue.

That seems to be a legitmate packaging error, in that the .patch file
includes things that it should not.  But it's pretty trivial to work
around by doing e.g.

./ prep
rm ncftp-3.1.7/config.{status,cache,log}
./ conf build # install, whatever, etc..

Although inspecting the copy of the GBS used, it is a very old version
that only supports one action per invocation so you'll have to call it
once for each of the desired actions in the third step above.  The
maintainer ought to update to the current GBS (which might fix the other
problem as well.)


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