Similar Bash 3.1.18 CR/LF Problem

Eric Blake
Fri Sep 29 03:05:00 GMT 2006

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According to Wilks, Dan on 9/28/2006 3:59 PM:
> That was my guess.  But since this was the cygwin installer run off 
> of the cygwin site I thought I'd mention it, if for no other reason 
> than tracking purposes.  Maybe there's a problem with the installer /
> postinstall script when downgrading? Or perhaps that's intended 
> behavior.  It was just surprising.

It's intended behavior; the postinstall script was not written with
downgrades in mind (I may rethink that for my next release; but, it won't
help you, because downgrading to 3.1-8 or earlier will not have this patch).

> And... it didn't run again when re-upgrading just bash to the new
> (broken) version so we had to manually copy bash.exe to sh.exe.

What makes you think the current version is broken?  In my opinion, it
works just fine.  However, your discovery that using Windows paths instead
of POSIX paths makes cygwin revert to binary file opens on text mounts is
rather interesting.  I don't know if cygwin1.dll is at fault for that
strange behavior.  It may be possible for me to patch bash to always
convert script names to POSIX before opening them, so that you would get
the right mount behavior, but I'm not looking forward to such a hack.

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