Xalan and path problem

Markus Schönhaber mailing-cygwin@schoenhaber.de
Fri Sep 29 13:42:00 GMT 2006

Thomas Porschberg wrote:
> we use Xalan on our UNIX/LINUX machines and I want now to the same on
> Cygwin. I installed Xerces+Xalan(the windows binaries).
> In our UNIX scripts the call to Xalan is:
> where $RESULTFILE, $XMLFILE and $XSLFILE are specified as
> UNIX-paths.
> That doesn't work under Cygwin I had to write:
> Xalan -o `cygpath -w $RESULTFILE` ...
> Of course I could now write
> if $cywin ; then
>  Xalan -o `cygpath -w $RESULTFILE` ...
> else
> fi
> but I don't want change the script.
> Is there another way to solve the problem ?

You could create a script that cygpath-ifies the parameters and passes them to 
a call to the actual Xalan executable, name that script "Xalan" and put it 
somewhere into the PATH where it gets called instead of the actual Xalan 


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