New windows from cygwin in ssh

Fri Sep 29 18:11:00 GMT 2006

Pavel Ivanoff wrote:
>> Pavel Ivanoff wrote:
>>> The sshd service is running under my account. I go to Linux 
>> (via ssh).
>>> Then run ssh there, login onto my computer under my 
>> account, try to run
>>> any desktop program and it doesn't show any windows.
>>> My friend on another computer does all the same but with 
>> his account and
>>> his computer and desktop program shows all windows as expected.
>>> The differrence between our configurations:
>>> my - Windows XP, cygwin of 01.07.2006 (all standard packages)
>>> his - Windows 2000, cygwin of 01.03.2005 (all standard 
>> packages for that
>>> version)
>>> Why the behaviour is different?
>>  > my - Windows *XP*
>>  > his - Windows *2000*
>> Have you considered this MAJOR difference?
> Yes, I considered it. [snip]

Actually, your answer indicates you did not. Look again at the emphasis 
I added; it isn't pointing at the Cygwin versions.

> So my question is: this disabling of accessing to desktop is also new
> feature of new sshd? And can I allow him to access desktop somehow?
> Or I have to install on my computer the old sshd to become sure that old
> sshd will work on my OS too?

You haven't clarified how you "know" that this is not caused by changes 
in how the OS treats the SYSTEM account, or service, or etc. between 
2000 and XP.

> What is it: new security prohibition of Windows XP or
> new feature of last version of cygwin?

My guess is "new security prohibition of Windows XP". Have you 
eliminated that?

Unless you have evidence that this is not the case (meaning, one working 
and one non-working install /on the exact same OS/), why are you 
insisting that Cygwin and/or sshd is at fault?

My preferred shell is Christian. It's Bourne Again.

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