New windows from cygwin in ssh

Dave Korn
Fri Sep 29 19:47:00 GMT 2006

On 29 September 2006 19:11, mwoehlke wrote:

> Pavel Ivanoff wrote:
>>> Pavel Ivanoff wrote:

>>>> Why the behaviour is different?
>>>  > my - Windows *XP*
>>>  > his - Windows *2000*
>>> Have you considered this MAJOR difference?
>> Yes, I considered it. [snip]
> Actually, your answer indicates you did not. Look again at the emphasis
> I added; it isn't pointing at the Cygwin versions.

>> What is it: new security prohibition of Windows XP or
>> new feature of last version of cygwin?
> My guess is "new security prohibition of Windows XP". Have you
> eliminated that?

  Hang on.  Trouble interacting with the desktop - and the main difference
between XP and 2k in this regard is the presence of fast user switching and
terminal services, both of which move the previously global desktop into the
per-user local namespace.

  Maybe switching off those two services in control panel -> Administrative
Tools -> services (a.k.a 'services.msc') will let it work?

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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