Cernlib for cygwin

João Esteves
Sat Sep 30 17:36:00 GMT 2006

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Subject: Re: Cernlib for cygwin

João Esteves wrote:

> >Hello:
> >Does anyone knows of a cernlib package for cygwin?

>It would be very nice to have Cernlib in the Cygwin distribution (like
>lapack and fftw) as in Linux-Debian, Ubuntu-Kubuntu...
>In any case, for the moment:
>Have you looked at ?

Yes but I'm getting an error on compiling lapack. Since I'm not a software 
guru and I lack the time to look for the bug, I think I will stay with 
Fedora 5, wich has a rpm for cernlib.

>The packages can be found at

Are these binaries ready to use?

Thanks and Greetings.

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