courier auth+imap

Marek Telgarsky
Sat Sep 30 23:36:00 GMT 2006


I've been able to compile Courier auth+imap under Cygwin. This is 
courier-authlib-0.58 and courier-imap-
Some details from the compile:

Besides the more obvious packages like gcc, perl, etc, courier-auth requires the
minires-devel package.

for auth:
./configure --with-mailuser=SYSTEM --with-mailgroup=SYSTEM --with-db=gdbm

for imap:
./configure --with-waitfunc=wait --disable-auth-check --with-db=gdbm

Prior to make, I had to change the ./makedat/Makefile in each project. The
following line:

noinst_PROGRAMS = makedatprog

has to be:

noinst_PROGRAMS = makedatprog$(EXEEXT)

Also, in the main Makefile for courier-imap, the following lines:

binPROGRAMS = imapd pop3d maildirmake maildiracl deliverquota maildirkw
sbinPROGRAMS = imaplogin pop3login
libexecPROGRAMS = makedatprog couriertcpd

need a $(EXEEXT) after each executable name.

Finally, I had some problems in the ./courier-imap*/tcpd directory where certain
files were not linking with -lgdbm.

'make install' for each also works, and puts stuff into /usr/local/ and

This leads me to actually running the server, and my question for the list: Does
anyone have experience with that under Cygwin? 

Things (like the auth daemon) seem to be failing silently.


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