scp doesn't copy - neither returns an error message

Thomas Wiedmann
Mon Apr 2 06:04:00 GMT 2007

>  WAG:  Because it isn't cygwin ssh at all!  I reckon it's probably some 
> 3PP
> version and if we'd been shown the cygcheck output we'd have seen the
> "Duplicated DLLs problem".

What means: WAG?
What means 3PP? What is a 3 PP version?
What is the duplicated DDL's problem?

By the way (answer to previous question):
It's true, I installed the OpenSSH package some time ago; I cannot say any 
more, when it was; so it may be no real Cygwin package. Nevertheless I 
wonder, why there is a scp.exe, appearing that an scp command my run, but it 

Thomas Wiedmann 

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