Cygwin1.DLL soon to be Windows Vista only

Roelf Renkema
Mon Apr 2 07:15:00 GMT 2007

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Igor Peshansky wrote:
> On Sun, 1 Apr 2007, Roelf Renkema wrote:
>> Igor Peshansky wrote:
>>> Who said it was a gag?  Did you even try running the latest snapshot
>>> on Win2k or WinXP?
>> You mean that was cygwin? Damn I reinstalled win2k, xp and 2003 twice
>> this afternoon because I was blaming MS.
> Heh, you should have reinstalled Cygwin.  Everyone knows that a few
> complete reinstalls always solve everything.

Not here I still get a message you are the victim...blablabla, to
continue cywin1.dll please send Bill Gates $1407,--. And we will
authorize your version of cygwin.

>> I hate this. I'm agains this. Principally. But then again, if Cygwin
>> would have been any good someone would have ported it to Linux long ago.
>> We probably wouldn't be stuck with Corinna but complaining to Linus
>> himself.
> Oh, you poor soul.  You don't know, do you?
> Well, here it comes:
> "Linus Torvalds is just a pen name used in an alternating fashion by
> Corinna Vinschen and Christopher G. Faylor."

You mean Chris is suffering of a sort of mpd :-)
> So now you know the hidden agenda behind making Linux so much like Cygwin.

Well I wouldn't be surprised if he's Gates also ;-) It explains why
orthodox jews believe the devil is in the internet.

> There, now everyone's in on the secret.  I hope CGF doesn't ban me
> permanently from posting to this list.

Nah, but now we know, you knew, we have too....
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