Using pscp.exe with rxvt

Larry Hall (Cygwin)
Mon Apr 2 15:08:00 GMT 2007

Brent S. Paul wrote:
> Larry,
>     Sorry to start a new thread, but I don't know how to respond to an 
> existing post.  Hope you find this.  I don't understand what "cygwin 
> ptys" are, but I do know that before I installed the rxvt for cygwin 
> pscp worked fine.  I had an alias to where pscp was located and it 
> worked fine in the cygwin shell.  However, when I fire up a rxvt shell 
> from my cygwin shell it no longer works.  And if I just load up the 
> cygwin shell, pscp still works fine.  Somehow rxvt isn't sending the 
> keystrokes through to the other server.

As I said, 'pscp' isn't a Cygwin application so it does not understand
the pty that 'rxvt' uses.  'pscp' should still work fine for you in the
"cygwin shell" if it worked before.  This indicates that you do no have
"tty" set in your CYGWIN environment variable (see the User's Guide for
details on the CYGWIN environment variable).  If you were to set it as
described in the User's Guide, you would see the same problem from the
"cygwin shell" as well.

> Thanks,
> Brent
> PS - How do I respond to your post on the mailing list so others can see 
> it?

I use "Reply-All".

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