Error with changing directory - No such file or directory

Ben Wylie
Mon Apr 2 22:42:00 GMT 2007

I have a batch file which runs bash and calls a bash script.

My batch file reads:
cd F:\cygwin\bin
bash --login -i F:/Progra~1/NAVIEG/queues/

The bash script is:

cd $1
F:/cygwin/bin/find . -type f -exec awk '(/various/ || /search/ ||
/keywords/) {print FILENAME}' {} \; | xargs rm

When I run the batch file I get:

F:\>cd F:\cygwin\bin

F:\cygwin\bin>bash --login -i F:/Progra~1/NAVIEG/queues/
: No such file or directoryine 2: cd: F:/Progra~1/NAVIEG/queues/

It doesn't seem to like the "cd F:/Progra~1/NAVIEG/queues/"

However if I load cygwin and type the commands directly, it all works fine.

Administrator@server ~
$ cd F:/Progra~1/NAVIEG/queues/

Administrator@server /cygdrive/f/Progra~1/NAVIEG/queues

This script and setup was working with my previous version of cygwin, I
guess I must have changed something in the upgrade which has rendered it
incorrect, but can't work it out.

If anyone can give me pointers as to why it might be failing, I would be


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