Varibles not working in do loop...

Dave Korn
Tue Apr 3 14:39:00 GMT 2007

On 03 April 2007 15:07, Kevin Markle wrote:

> Larry Hall (Cygwin) formulated on Monday :
>> Andrew Louie wrote:
>>> On 4/2/07, Kevin Markle  wrote:
>>>> Larry Hall (Cygwin) expressed precisely :
>>>>> Kevin Markle wrote:
>>>> What does this mean please and or would you send me your copy that works
>>>> fine? "$LOG" == > "".  In these cases, the "hang" is 'cat' waiting for
>>>> input from the command
>>>>> line.
>>> I think he means that in the line:
>>>> UPDATES_NEEDED=`cat $LOG | grep "updates detected" | tail -1`
>>> cat $LOG... will hang if $LOG == "" because "cat" is waiting for input.
>> Precisely.
> That helps but my problem is the line above where it get the value for
> LOG for whatever reason doesn't get the value of LOG in the for loop
> but can outside of the loop... :o)

  You mean this line?

LOG=`ls -al $DIR | grep $t | grep WINDOWS`

  You're listing the contents of the directory, trying to find the one line
that contains the name of the file ($t) you're currently considering.  Then
you're using grep a second time to only select (from that one line) any lines
that contain the text 'WINDOWS'.  Presumably none of the files in
1group_1a_dev_clientlist.out have the word "WINDOWS" in their name.

  What are you *trying* to do with that second grep?

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