1.5.24 remote launch of java gui

Dave Korn dave.korn@artimi.com
Tue Apr 3 17:50:00 GMT 2007

On 03 April 2007 18:44, Elliston, Jack W CTR USA TRADOC NSC wrote:

> OK.  Now I am bit confused.
> I am not trying to run a service on the remote cygwin box and so I don't
> see how I would 'check the "Allow service to interact with the desktop"
> checkbox' or why I would use the cygrunsrv application.

  I believe that would be referring to the sshd service, which you most
certainly /are/ running on the remote machine!

> I just need to run the java app on machine 2 via a ssh connection from
> machine 1.  I want the app to display it gui on machine 2.
> I don't really even think the Xserver is required since the app runs on
> machine 2 when launched on machine 2 without an Xserver installed.

  Yep, but since you've come in via ssh, you are logged in as a remote
('network') user, which gives you less rights than a local ('interactive')
user who is actually sat at the console.  Specifically, processes launched by
remote user's can't get at the local user's desktop, in order to try and
protect against security violations, and you need to relax this restriction
for your sshd-launched java.exe to be able to open a window on the desktop.

  The checkbox in question is on the "Log On" tab of the Properties page of
the "CYGWIN sshd" service as seen in the services manager

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