1.5.24 remote launch of java gui

Elliston, Jack W CTR USA TRADOC NSC Jack.Elliston@us.army.mil
Tue Apr 3 18:29:00 GMT 2007

> >
> > OK.  Now I am bit confused.
> So are we.

My apologies.

> > I am not trying to run a service on the remote cygwin box and so I 
> > don't see how I would 'check the "Allow service to interact 
> with the desktop"
> > checkbox' or why I would use the cygrunsrv application.
> Your remote box is Cygwin, and you're logging in via ssh, 
> right?  That means that you *are* most likely running sshd as 
> a service.
Duh on my part, now the earlier comment makes sense.  

So.... I tried the following:

1) Reconfigured sshd to NOT use privilege separation
2) Configured the sshd service TO allow interaction with the desktop


It works. 

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.


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