grep and exact matches help..

Gary Johnson
Tue Apr 3 22:05:00 GMT 2007

On 2007-04-03, Dave Korn wrote:

>   BTW2, I assume we're still talking about your script from before.
> Seriously, use "ls -1" rather than "ls -l" (that is, use a one instead of an
> L), because then you get /just/ the filenames, one per line, and won't have to
> worry about parsing the name out from amongst all those permission flags and
> datestamps.

On 2007-04-03, Peter Rehley wrote:

> Here is one possible solution
> ls -1a | grep winops | grep -v winops-hp
> or maybe this
> ls -1a | sed -e '/winops-hq/d'

If you're piping 'ls' into another command, the -1 isn't necessary.  
'ls' detects that its stdout is not a tty and delivers single-column  
output automatically.


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