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Eric Blake
Wed Apr 4 13:16:00 GMT 2007

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According to Thorsten Kampe on 4/4/2007 1:38 AM:
> That's exactly the point. They actually do cope with the escapes - 
> just not with the \001 and \002 used by readline to calculate the 
> length of the line.
>> (otherwise even bash would not work).
> Yes, bash is the exception. Maybe bash doesn't use \001/\002?

I need a simple test case.  Readline indeed uses \001 and \002 for
internal purposes, but I'm not sure whether bash does as well, or whether
it is confined to readline.  Generally, readline is supposed to remove its
internal markers before displaying to the screen.  There may be some
interaction where bash uses these markers correctly but your other app is
using them in such a way that readline leaks them to the terminal.

> Okay, so it's obviously a readline (or Cygwin) bug.
> I think it's a readline thing (as rxvt doesn't have the problem) - the 
> question is just where to submit a bug report? To the Cygwin readline 
> maintainer or upstream?

You've already reported it to the cygwin readline/bash maintainer.  You
are also welcome to ask upstream, since the upstream maintainer knows more
about what readline actually expects with \1 and \2, but you need to be
sure your test case is simple enough that Chet can reproduce your
situation, or you won't get much of his time.

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