dos.h support

Larry Hall (Cygwin)
Thu Apr 5 12:11:00 GMT 2007 wrote:
> hello dear,
> i'm facing problem in including  dos.h file in an application of c++
> through cygwin. inclusion of this file is essential. please guide me some
> solution.

Did you try holding your breath and counting to 3 before trying again?  If
not, try that.  It always works for me.

Is the above information not useful enough for you to solve the problem?
Well, right back at ya! ;-)  Really, you've provided no information at all
other than you see some error when using this file.  Please read and follow
the problem reporting guidelines found here:


My WAG is that if you actually need dos.h, you want the Mingw version of
gcc/g++ that uses MSVCRT and not cygwin1.dll.  You might want to investigate
that.  See <>

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