perl problem with cygwin path

Mike R Brown
Thu Apr 5 18:20:00 GMT 2007

DePriest, Jason R. wrote:
> On 4/5/07, Mike R Brown  wrote:
>> Dave,
>>         Activestate perl is not installed on that box.  The first 
>> thing I checked for.
>>   The only Perl is installed /use/bin/perl.  A 'which perl' also 
>> confirms that.
>>   Another thing I did to confirm this is rename the perl.exe under 
>> /usr/bin/ and
>> copy the perl.exe from the other box into this location.  The scripts 
>> now all
>> work correctly.  The rogue perl is coming from the Cygwin setup program.
>> Mike
>> -- 
> If you do a full system search for 'perl.exe' does it find any other
> copies sitting around?
> -Jason
> -- 

	Nope.  With a current updatedb locate found one perl.exe under /usr/bin.  When 
I renamed this perl.exe to perly.exe and copied the version that worked from my 
machine and did a version check while in /usr/bin  I get

./perly - v   returned 5.8.8 (original questionable perl)
./perl -v     returned 5.8.7 (perl from working box)

Everything I have checked points to just one Perl installation.  So maybe the 
question here is where did this version come from?  Shouldn't these avaiable 
mirrors present the same packages?  I understand that there may be delays as 
things are pushed out but this package seems to be in the future or from some 
other source.  I looked at the cygwin-announce list and didn't see any recent 
perl packages being pushed out so where did this version come from?  What ever 
it is it does not seem to be Cygwin friendly.


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