Burning ISO's to CD with Cygwin

Kai Raphahn mailing-list@laburec.de
Fri Apr 6 00:50:00 GMT 2007

Grok Mogger wrote:

> Brian Dessent wrote:
>> Grok Mogger wrote:

>>>         I recently wanted to burn an ISO to a CD on my Windows machine.
>>>   So where did I turn first?  Cygwin!  But much to my dismay, I
>>> don't seem to have cdrecord or wodim.  I couldn't seem to find
>>> the packages anywhere using 'cygcheck -p $whatever', just
>>> looking through the GUI setup, or even with Google.  What
>>> package do I need to install?  Are these tools really not in the
>>> distribution?  If so, why not?

>> http://cygwin.com/ml/cygwin-apps/2004-09/msg00142.html

> Thanks for the link.  I'm not completely sure I followed
> everything in that thread, so I'd just like to see if I have
> this straight.

> cdrecord is completely open source.  But the author of cdrecord,
> "Joerg", took the cdrecord source, and added some code to it to
> make "ProDVD", a similar software package that will also burn
> DVD's.  This package is completely free and even available as
> binaries for Cygwin, but the author won't release the additional
> source code that makes it work its DVD burning magic.

> So the Cygwin maintainers won't allow cdrecord or ProDVD into
> Cygwin.  Even though cdrecord is still completely free and open
> source.

It was true 2004. In May 15th 2006 Joerg did move the DVD support code to
the OpenSource part.


But there are some discussion about the License-change to the CDDL-License
(especially in the Debian-Community). Which is strange since they accepted
star from the same Author which is also under the CDDL.

You can either self-compile cdrtools or use the Binary from cygwin-ports.


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