[ANNOUNCEMENT] clisp-2.41-2 released

Reini Urban rurban@x-ray.at
Fri Apr 6 10:08:00 GMT 2007

I've released a bugfix release clisp-2.41-2 for cygwin.

./configure --fsstnd=redhat --with-dynamic-ffi  \
    --with-module=rawsock --with-module=dirkey  \
    --with-module=bindings/win32 --with-module=berkeley-db \
    --with-module=pcre --with-module=postgresql \
    --with-module=fastcgi --with-module=zlib  \
    --with-module=gdi --with-module=libsvm \
    --prefix=/usr --build build

2.41 Release Notes:

Cygwin Changes from 2.41-1 to 2.41-2:
* changed default :line-terminator encoding from CRLF to
  read and write default only LF, because of *TERMINAL-ENCODING*.
  Bad for input, but needed for output.
  Fixes clisp -i .clisprc test.lisp > test.txt
  See the thread starting with
* removed the constant ERROR from GDI (fixes swank)
* temp. fixed building syscalls by removing the FMTID properties
* added libsvm
* fixed constants in bindings/win32.lisp
* disabled GDI:COLORMATCHTOTARGET (WINVER > 0x0500 only)


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