Can't find ping.exe, path is messed up

Eric Lilja
Fri Apr 6 12:05:00 GMT 2007

Eric Lilja wrote:
> Hi!
> I made a program that adds something to my Path variable if it's not 
> already there (the path to my self-compiled native windows emacs binary) 
> and now something seems messed up because now I can't use, for example, 
> ping.exe anymore. It still lives in c:\WINDOWS\system32, however.
> Here's my cycheck.out attached, anyone see anything funny? Can't use 
> ping.exe from either so I guess it's not specifically related to 
> cygwin but the path altering program was developed under cygwin and I 
> use bash for all of my command line needs.

I just tried my laptop, and there ping.exe is found without problems. 
They have similar package selection, but not identical (I can post its 
cygcheck.out if you want). One thing I did on my main machine was 
running setup.exe while bash was running (careless, I know) and it 
downloaded and installed a new rebase. It didn't say anything about 
in-use files being replaced but I have rebooted my main machine anyway. 
Don't know if that messed anything up anyway?

- Eric

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