Renaming gotcha under FAT file system
Fri Apr 6 19:32:00 GMT 2007

My Bash script renames file and folders from regular expression patterns found in a preset file. The
patterns allow for complex renaming, yet sometimes it just converts the file name to title case. The
script produces a separate file for executing the rename commands.

printf "mv %-200s \"%s\"\n" "-f \"$DIR/"$FILE"\"" "$DIR"/"$NEWNAME" >>

The typical command in the file looks like the following line.

mv -f "file_to_be_rename.ext" "File_To_Be_Rename.ext"

The secondary script renames hundreds of files. Twenty percent may fail do "mv" encountering the
same file name (similar to the line above). 

Question: How do you force mv to rename a file with the same filename? The code above returns an
error that the files are the same. 

I prefer using mv since my cygwin installation does not contain rename or mmv. Portability is very
important for this script. Apparently, Wintel file systems are case insensitive, which create a
problem for this script.  Please give me some suggestions on dealing with this scenario. Script
examples on creating a temp file or logic that appends an extra character would help me a good deal.

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