bash: /usr/bin/svn: Function not implemented

Eric Blake
Sat Apr 7 20:52:00 GMT 2007

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According to Albrecht Müller on 4/7/2007 1:06 PM:
> "bash: /usr/bin/svn: Function not implemented": I've got this message when
> I tried to upgrade subversion. Details see
> Chris
> Sutcliffe's notice concerning missing libneon26
> ( solved the problem for
> me. Thank you.
> I don't know where the "Function not implemented" message comes from -
> svn, bash, somewhere else from cygwin.

The message is printed by bash, since it was prefixed with "bash: ".  But
bash does not contain that string in its source code, so it results from
bash printing the failed execve() errno (must have been 88).  svn cannot
be executed without dependent libraries, so the exit status comes from
Windows, not cygwin.

> I assume that cygwin  produces this
> message when it tries to load some library and does not find it. In this
> case the message could read something like "Could not find library xxxxx -
> (to fix it you may want to install xxxx)". This kind of message (where
> xxxxx = libneon26) would have saved me a lot of time - maybe it could be
> helpful to others too.

Not easily possible.  Although 'cygcheck' knows what dependencies a binary
has, it is not worth hacking bash to invoke cygcheck when an executable
exists but fails with a status greater than 128.  But that doesn't mean
you can't use 'cygcheck' yourself for the same result.  And normally,
maintainers tend to be good about mentioning dependencies to setup.hint
the moment someone points them out.  But if you want to write such a

One more piece of warning - your bug report to svn showed that you are
running on Win98; this platform is no longer supported by Microsoft, and
hence will not be supported by the next release of cygwin (1.7.0).

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