Programs won't compile; complaining about missing standard headers

Dave Korn
Sun Apr 8 12:37:00 GMT 2007

On 08 April 2007 06:46, Brian Dessent wrote:

> "C.W. Betts" wrote:
>> When I try to compile applications now, I get the following errors (see
>> error.txt).  These are standard libraries and headers.  Is there some
>> script that I can run that will fix this?  I have already tried to
>> reinstall cygwin.   
> You're using the -mno-cygwin switch which turns gcc into the MinGW gcc.
> So of course it's not going to find the standard include headers in
> /usr/include, because they are only for Cygwin programs.  It should find
> them in /usr/include/mingw though. 

  Unfortunately it won't, because yesterday's release of mingw-runtime has a
packaging bug.  The fix, for now, is to use setup.exe to roll back the
mingw-runtime package to the "prev" version, 3.11-1.

  See also

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