1.5.24: rxvt or console fail to shutdown due to ssh -f still running despite setsid()

Michael Hoffman b3i4old02@sneakemail.com
Mon Apr 9 15:30:00 GMT 2007

I originally reported this in October 2006 

[Michael Hoffman]
>>> When I log out of or shutdown my Windows login session, if I had a
>>> background process that I started within a Win32 rxvt session, I get an
>>> error that rxvt00000<some other hex numbers> has not shut down. For
>>> example if I use ssh -f or run ssh in the background using &, this
>>> symptom manifests.
>>> I can also see a related symptom if I am running using a Windows
>>> console. When I log out of bash, the console window will stick around
>>> until the ssh process is killed.
>>> I would like for these console windows and hidden rxvt windows to shut
>>> down without further confirmation. Is there a way to do this? Or a good
>>> workaround?
>>> I have Googled for this problem, and while I have found other related
>>> problems (such as ssh-agent continuing to run) I have not found any
>>> solutions for this case.

[Igor Peshansky]
>> "man nohup", "man setsid", in bash: "help disown".

[Michael Hoffman]
> Thanks, setsid works fine if I do not need to enter a password but 
> unfortunately will not work if I am using ssh -f to get an interactive 
> password before forking.
> Looking in the openssh source, I can see that ssh -f calls daemon(), 
> which should call setsid(). Is that correct? If so, why is it still 
> hanging onto the terminal?

I have just checked the source for the daemon() function and the setsid 
executable. They both call fork() and then setsid(). Do the console/rxvt 
process stick after calling ssh -f because file descriptors are left 
open? Can you suggest a strategy to deal with this?

Many thanks,
Michael Hoffman

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