mkpasswd -l gives wrong local user

Larry Hall (Cygwin)
Mon Apr 9 15:38:00 GMT 2007

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>> Subject: Re: mkpasswd -l gives wrong local user
>> Rockefeller, Harry wrote:
>>> I had a PC with full cygwin install.  Then my company
>>> replaced it with a more powerful PC and in the process
>>> copied C:\Cygwin over to the new PC.
>>> When I run "mkpasswd -l" instead of giving user 'harryr'
>>> I get another user:
>> FWIW, the only local user I see that likely wasn't just 
>> created by some
>> installation program is "Ryan".
> Thanks for the help.
> I set up both passwd and group files using -d option.
> Now when I "ls -l" my cygwin home directory I find these
> files owned by "dickra".  I believe this is "Ryan Dick"
> an employee here.  Perhaps NTUSER.DAT is causing the
> "mkpasswd -l" to create a "Ryan" user.
>   d---------+  2 dickra   Domain Users       0 Aug  7  2006 .Trash-root
>   ----------+  1 dickra   Domain Users 5505024 Apr  6 12:14 NTUSER.DAT
> I fixed the .Trash-root ownership problem but hesitant to approach
> NTUSER.DAT problem.  What is a recommended way to fix this?

'dickra' is a domain user and is different than the local 'Ryan' user that
your system has.  But that's fine.  I don't know why your home directory
would contain these files as created by another user.  You may want to
investigate why your configuration has this.  As to NTUSER.DAT, if this
file is in use, you won't be able to make much in the way of changes to
it.  If not, you likely could but it's not really important to.  I'd just
leave it.

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