Suggestion for run (with patch)

Dave Korn
Mon Apr 9 16:16:00 GMT 2007

On 09 April 2007 15:33, Adye, TJ (Tim) wrote:

> Hi Alexander,
> For many years I've continued to use Chuck Wilson's old run-1.1.4
> because it included a version that was linked without Cygwin
> (run-native.exe, built with VC). Although it doesn't have all the
> features of the Cygwin version (eg. it can't translate Cygwin mount
> points), it does allow one to start applications without needing
> cygwin1.dll in the path. I know that's often not much of an issue (at
> least if run.exe is in C:\cygwin\bin), but it is sometimes handy to have
> a stand-alone version.
> The latest version of run, run-1.1.10-1 included in the Cygwin setup,
> has some nice improvements (and is easier to find than the old
> run-1.1.4!). I have made some small fixes to allow the new version to
> also build run-native.exe, with gcc -mno-cygwin (it also builds the
> Cygwin run.exe as before). Would you consider adopting this improvement,
> in the attached patch (see the top for build instructions)? You might
> have a better idea for where the non-Cygwin version should go - I just
> put it in /usr/bin/run-native.exe.

  Or just "alias run-native='cmd /c start '".  

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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