1.5.24: rxvt or console fail to shutdown due to ssh -f still running despite setsid()

Michael Hoffman b3i4old02@sneakemail.com
Tue Apr 10 13:45:00 GMT 2007

Ken Shaffer wrote:
>> I have just checked the source for the daemon() function and the 
>> setsid executable. They
>> both call fork() and then setsid(). Do the console/rxvt process stick 
>> after calling ssh -f
>> because file descriptors are left open? Can you suggest a strategy to 
>> deal with this?
> I'm not running ssh as a daemon. What I do in order to ssh to another
> computer from any other shell is to keep one shell open all the time
> running the agent. This is accomplished via the startssh function.

Thanks, but that doesn't help since I (a) need to run ssh as a daemon 
for forwarding ports, and as I said in my earlier post (b) I need to 
enter a password interactively. The host in question does not accept 
public key authentication.
Michael Hoffman

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