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Robert Pendell
Tue Apr 10 14:31:00 GMT 2007

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Adye, TJ (Tim) wrote:
> Brian Dessent wrote on 09 April 2007 22:05:
>> If you really want a compromise solution, you could modify 
>> run to not depend on cygwin1.dll at link-time but instead 
>> LoadLibrary() it at runtime, and if that fails fall back to 
>> whatever the native version would have done.  Thus you get a 
>> single executable that understands posix paths if the DLL is 
>> in the PATH and still allows to you "run 
>> c:\cygwin\bin\bash.exe" (or whatever it is that you're 
>> currently doing) if the DLL is not in the PATH.  Though that 
>> itself may cause confusion...
> That's a nice idea, but I suspect it would indeed cause more confusion
> than any gain - especially when we're only talking about a 50k
> executable. Imagine the program silently behaving differently if you
> change the PATH. A nice "cygwin1.dll was not found" error message is
> usually preferable :-)
> I hope that a separately-named (small) executable, perhaps installed
> elsewhere, will be acceptable.
> Tim.

I actually agree with cgf on this one but just an idea here.  If that
kind of function was implemented then a warning could be placed to say
something to the effect of...

WARNING: cygwin1.dll was not found in the path.  Using native windows
paths instead.

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