gdb not working with $?=123

Brian Dessent
Wed Apr 11 00:30:00 GMT 2007

Luca Masini wrote:

> gdb does not works.
> When I run it nothing happens and $? is 123
> I just tried to re-install it and googled but with no luck until now.

Please read the problem reporting guidelines at
<>, specifically the part about cygcheck
output.  You haven't given us enough information about your system to be
able to help.  It looks like you're missing a required package, but who
knows.  You can try "cygcheck /usr/bin/gdb" to see if there are any
missing libraries.  It could also be that you have something in PATH
from a third party (like libiconv, libintl, libncurses, tcl/tk, ...)
that has the same filename but an incompatible version.


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