[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: cron 4.1-1

Pierre A. Humblet Pierre.Humblet@ieee.org
Wed Apr 11 11:10:00 GMT 2007

I have updated cron to version 4.1


This port is based on Paul Vixie's cron packaged as 4.1 but reporting itself
as 5.0.

The changes (listed in /usr/share/doc/cron/CHANGES) don't appear to break
compatibility with 3.0.

There is a new algorithm to handle time jumps.

Logging of a command can now be suppressed by using the -q switch, such as
in the following example:
* * * * *  -q  /the/script

/usr/bin/cron-config is still recommended to install the cron service.

The base environment is now set as under sshd (in the previous package the
environment on NT was the same as that of cygrunsrv, with some variables
deleted, and it was empty on 9x). Variables defined in the crontab are added
to the base, as previously done.

Cron normally uses a mailer such as exim or ssmtp to communicate stdout
and stderr output to the user. Cron uses the symbolic link /usr/sbin/sendmail
to find the mailer. This feature is still supported.

If /usr/sbin/sendmail does not point to a mailer, the cron postinstall script
links it to the (new) script /usr/bin/cronlog.

/usr/bin/cronlog is a "poor man's mailer" that writes cron output (if any)
to HOME/cron.log.  HOME can be superseded in the crontab file.
The temporary output of /usr/bin/cronlog is written to /tmp/cron.XXX.log and
/tmp/cron.XXX.log.err. These files are deleted if all goes well but can
provide useful debugging information if HOME/cron.log cannot be written
(e.g. on some network drives).
/usr/bin/cronlog can be edited to suit particular needs.

A mailer can be installed as well. The mailer configuration script,
exim-config or ssmtp-config, will then offer to point /usr/sbin/sendmail

More information can be found in /usr/share/doc/Cygwin/cron-4.1-1.README

Please direct all comments and questions to the cygwin list, mentioning 
cron in the Subject: line.



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