[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: cron 4.1-1

Andrew Louie louiea@gmail.com
Wed Apr 11 12:42:00 GMT 2007

On 4/11/07, Pierre A. Humblet  wrote:
> I have updated cron to version 4.1

> If /usr/sbin/sendmail does not point to a mailer, the cron postinstall script
> links it to the (new) script /usr/bin/cronlog.

Thanks! It took me a week to figure out how to set up up cron
correctly! first you had to learn how to setup logging correctly just
for the chance that you might catch some kind of useful error message,
then you had to setup an e-mailer correctly, and if you didn't cron
wouldn't tell you that, it would just stop the command after some
random amount of time has passed. >_<

> /usr/bin/cronlog is a "poor man's mailer" that writes cron output (if any)
> to HOME/cron.log.  HOME can be superseded in the crontab file.
> The temporary output of /usr/bin/cronlog is written to /tmp/cron.XXX.log and
> /tmp/cron.XXX.log.err. These files are deleted if all goes well but can
> provide useful debugging information if HOME/cron.log cannot be written
> (e.g. on some network drives).
> /usr/bin/cronlog can be edited to suit particular needs.
but, can't we put all the logs in the same place like /var/log by default?
You probably have a good reason to stick it in HOME, I just thought
I'd put the question out there.

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