[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: cron 4.1-1

Pierre A. Humblet Pierre.Humblet@ieee.org
Wed Apr 11 13:44:00 GMT 2007

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| >
| > /usr/bin/cronlog is a "poor man's mailer" that writes cron output (if any)
| > to HOME/cron.log.  HOME can be superseded in the crontab file.
| > The temporary output of /usr/bin/cronlog is written to /tmp/cron.XXX.log and
| > /tmp/cron.XXX.log.err. These files are deleted if all goes well but can
| > provide useful debugging information if HOME/cron.log cannot be written
| > (e.g. on some network drives).
| > /usr/bin/cronlog can be edited to suit particular needs.
| >
| but, can't we put all the logs in the same place like /var/log by default?
| You probably have a good reason to stick it in HOME, I just thought
| I'd put the question out there.

I thought HOME was more likely to be writable by a random user.
For now I would like to keep it that way and accumulate some feedback.
It's also easy to customize. For example currently cronlog only saves the last
output, some people may want to save everything. To make it more flexible
there could be environment variables in the crontab to tell cronlog what to
save and where to save it. But I prefer to start simple.


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