problem with setuid

Carlo Florendo
Thu Apr 12 06:48:00 GMT 2007

Felipe Alcacibar wrote:
> hello..
> i'm trying tu run a process with low privileges, (mysql) server, with
> a mysql user, but this cannot be change, i'm using the Administrator
> account as root. and i create a mysql user into de windows users and
> expoted it to the passwd table.


> [/code]
> for test, i'm using the following command...
> [code]
> svr test # start-stop-daemon --start  -c mysql -q -x /usr/bin/yes
> start-stop-daemon: Unable to set uid to mysql

Cygwin handles setuid differently.  See

The easiest way for you to run mysql as a lower-privileged user could be to 
run the runas command.  For example

runas /user:mysql c:\cygwin\bin\bash.exe

Then from the newly spawned shell, try running the mysql command

start-stop-daemon --start  -c mysql -q -x /usr/bin/yes

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