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Matthew Woehlke
Thu Apr 12 17:15:00 GMT 2007

PCYMTNQREAIYR, especially don't quote cygwin AT cygwin DOT com!

Jeff Hawk wrote:
> Thorsten Kampe wrote:
>> \cygwin\usr\bin and \cygwin\usr\lib are /real/ directories created by
>> the initial Cygwin installation routine. He shouldn't delete those
>> directories - just keep them empty...
> Not true...
> I have Cygwin installed and there is NO c:\cygwin\usr\bin directory
> As has been mentioned before, /usr/bin is a *mount* point, not a real directory.

Just saying that is only half the story (and somewhat misleading), as 
Cygwin is actually "odd" in allowing this non-standard behavior. On most 
POSIX systems, a "real directory" is *required* for a mount point.

The "shadowing" behavior Igor mentioned is normal in the POSIX world. 
However it does appear to be the case that the current 1.5.x Cygwin 
fully "pretends" that the mount points exist for you without actually 
requiring real directories.

GDRLaH - Grin, Duck, and Run Like a Hippo! :-)

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