One happy screen user

Bob Davis
Fri Apr 13 20:48:00 GMT 2007

Andrew Schulman wrote:
> Have you noticed the problem of processes not being killed when you kill
> their windows (C-a k) or the whole screen session (C-a \)?  That problem is
> persistent for me, and IMO it's enough of a nuisance to keep the current
> screen package from being good enough to officially release.  I don't think
> it's going to be hard to solve-- we just have to send a signal to the right
> child processes at the right time-- and I've made some progress at digging
> through the source code to find it.  I hope to have a fix soon, and then
> I'll be glad to offer up screen as an official Cygwin package.
Works for me using rxvt and bash. I just tested it.
bc -l
answer 'y'

and ps and procexp show bc is gone.

And thanks for screen it is awesome.
Two things I use it for:

1. When I have a long running process like downloading source code. I can start it up and create a new window to continue working.

2. I havent done this on my windows computers yet but... On linux(ubuntu) I was doing a dist upgrade from breezy to dapper and I went home and found that the computer(at work) was hanging on a question to replace a .conf file(ntpserver) and I looked for a way to answer the question remotely. Thats when I stumbled on screen in my searches. If I had started screen before I started the dist upgrade then I could have "screen -d -r" and grabbed the window to answer the question. Since I hadnt started screen I couldnt do that but I will next time. I also found if I hadnt started screen I could have used x11vnc. Once again I would have had to have this installed before the dist upgrade(locks on apt-get) but in the future. Basically it would have been on remote machine "x11vnc" on local machine "vncviewer linux350:0" and voila the whole desktop is vnc'ed. I tested this and it allows input from local and remote at the same time.


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