Extracting files from an ISO in Cygwin

Dark Ryder dark.ryder@gmail.com
Fri Apr 13 22:46:00 GMT 2007

I can see in the list archives that ISOs cannot be mounted under
Cygwin (at least as of last March) without the use of daemon-tools or
some other Windows-side tool.  Information on simply "extracting" an
ISO (say, as if it were a .zip file) seems harder to find.

Now, the two are generally the same (after all, pulling files would
seem to be the most common reason to want to mount an ISO), but I
figure it's worth a shot, so:  Is it possible to extract files from an
ISO via the command line?  I'm trying to script the process, so the
image can't be mounted ahead of time.

Dark Ryder <dark.ryder@gmail.com>

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