Does sshd work on Vista?

Mark Riley
Sun Apr 15 15:55:00 GMT 2007

>Does sshd work on Windows Vista?
>I ran ssh-host-config, but it keeps giving me a pop
>up that says ssh-keygen.exe has stopped working.
>Any ideas?
>        Neil


I have sshd running under Vista Home Premium.  You can use one of two ways:

1) Run the bash shell as Administrator.  Do this by right clicking the 
Cygwin icon and selecting the "Run as Administrator" menu item.  Then, run 
the ssh-host-config script.

2) The other way involves turning off User Access Control, rebooting, 
running ssh-host-config, turning on UAC, rebooting.  This is what I 
originally ended up doing.  My recommendation is skipping the last two steps 
here... :-)



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