Downloading a full install package from a mirror
Mon Apr 16 01:37:00 GMT 2007

Thanks for the response Larry,

The reason I raised the question, was a complete download undertaken in
early August last year (1.5.21-1) from the
mirror yielded a download of 745MB (842 files in 737 folders).

The latest download from both the and
(1.5.24-2) yielded a download of 507MB (609 files in 621 folders)

I've had trouble installing the full cygwin package from numerous
mirrors previously, and have often resorted to downloading full
installations from alternate mirrors to figure out which set is
complete.. However I am new to the mailing lists.. So would appreciate
any tipoffs as to where I'd find information that can explain the
changes (and reductions) in the file numbers between 1.5.21-1 and
1.5.24-2 and reduce the number of problems I'm tripping myself over on..

Many thanks,


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> Has anyone else had trouble downloading a full installation using
> setup.exe from one of the numerous cygwin mirrors available.
> Depending upon which mirror I choose (using the same option selection
> the setup.exe configuration), I get different sized downloads - which
> would indicate to me that these are not complete installation
> Is there a primary repository that I should be downloading from to
> such problems?

In short, no, there isn't.

Differences between mirrors does not indicate, by default, that
something is
amiss.  In a time when many packages are being updated, propagation of
packages to all mirrors takes time, on the order of a day or so. And not
all mirrors update at the same time so it's possible for some to be more
up-to-date than others during a period of high package update traffic.
also worth noting that the list of mirrors, while regularly monitored
culled to make only reasonably current ones shown by "setup.exe", is
affected by those you chose the last time you ran "setup.exe". If you've
chosen a mirror in a previous run that is either very out-of-date or
no longer acting as a mirror, it will continue to show up as a default
you. So if you're having lots of difficulty and want to be sure you get
current mirror, try changing the mirror(s) you use in "setup.exe". If
still believe you're missing something, send along some details of a
package and mirror or mirrors you're having trouble with, after checking
the cygwin-announce list for the last time it was updated.  This
should be sent to "sourcemaster" (as recommended by

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