/cygdrive can't see share z:

John Daniel Doucette john.doucette@jjmackay.com
Tue Apr 17 11:54:00 GMT 2007


I have a similar problem under WinXP.  Almost always, mapped network 
drives are invisible under /cygdrive. Ie. after booting if J: is a 
mapped drive "ls /cygdrive/j" gives "ls: /cygdrive/j: No such file or 
directory". However it ALWAYS becomes visible if you open explorer 
and click on the drive! Ie.

Reboot, then ...

$ ls /cygdrive/j
  ls: /cygdrive/j: No such file or directory

... open windows explorer and click on J drive, then...

$ ls /cygdrive/j
dir1  dir2 dir3 file1 file2

I haven't found any other solution yet.


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